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Takewing & CO

Our company is a platform for professionals, technologies and projects. We are developers of digital products, and our directions are areas of their application, in each of which we create our own center of competence.


Investing at your fingertips.

Investing is a tool of the modern world that needs to be made easier and more accessible. That’s why we created the Cryptopay mobile application, available on the android and iOS platforms. The product supports the main methods of depositing and withdrawing fiat funds such as bank acquiring and payment systems.

Digital Gold

Physical gold in the digital world

Digital Gold makes available a secure entry into the world of digital assets, providing a guaranteed and secure solution for stable investments.

OncoGenotest Platform

Oncologist's working desk

The digital platform for the interpretation and visualization of the results of a molecular genetic study of a tumor by Onco Genotest. Created for patients, doctors and experts in the field of genetics.